Saturday, September 13, 2008

Research for the "-ery" part of the Yogery

the photos can't express the feeling this lemon meringue pie inspired. also the peach cobbler i ate right before digging into the meringue was pretty inspiring. viva la france.


Zen Muffin said...

well only one experiment does not a theory make. we must continue the research efforts. the "ery" part is vital, without it we only have "The Yog."

FrenchToast said...

don't worry, i'm still eating here in boulder. i just don't think the yogery cares about the bag of sour patch kids i ate last night while watching grey's anatomy. not very conclusive research, but i can safely say we should NOT serve sour patch kids at the yogery. as much as i would love it.

Zen Muffin said...

LOL sour patch kids. those used to be so cool. combined with grey's anatomy?? i wish i could hang out with you more often.