Wednesday, September 24, 2008

captain's log

another c1 tonight. something weird happening with groin/hamstring muscle. not really sure what it is, it starts right in my groin and runs along the bottom of my hamstring, but it's very short and tense for like four inches. adductor? gracilis? hamstring? anyway it feels hyper extended, esp in poses like warrior two and prasiritta. the latter has been really good to me in the past, but lately it's super painful and i feel as though my inner thighs are going to rip apart. what's the deal? i'm back to biking a ton around boulder, and walking around a lot in general. i need the flexibility pill!

tons of core stuff tonight. it was a good class, but i might have benefited from a deeper, softer class. today was a strange day, and i really wanted to get into some stuff in class. but it felt good to just work out, too. but i can ride my bike for that...i'd do some yin postures but now it's late, i'm in bed and watching star trek. i might start calling all my entries 'captain's log'...i wonder what captain katherine janeway would do with a pulled groin muscle..


Benjamin said...

she'd see the doctor, of course, if she was graced with having health insurance.

FrenchToast said...

do they take insurance in Sick Bay?