Friday, September 12, 2008

Barely Yoga

This morning I shuffled from my bed to my yoga mat, and ended up reading a magazine while lying on my mat feeling stiff and hungry.  Then I had the idea to try an online Lulu's class.  But the internet gods were against me and the connection wouldn't work.  As I sat there waiting for my luck to shift, I figured I might as well do a little half cow face.  And that felt good.  

That one pose led to a few other poses too, in a detached, rebellious little sequence mixed in with some very unyogic things, like popping my shoulder and checking my email.  It got me wondering, what should a home practice look like, especially for someone even thinking about being a yoga teacher?  Of course it's different for everyone, but why is it SO HARD for me, and I think for some others, to get one going?  How do I break through the contradictory values of 'going with the flow' (which lets me justify my slacking) and the value that Yoga is Good and beneficial to those who actually practice it?  

Going to a good yoga class is just like getting your hair done at a salon.  It's always better than what you can do at home.  

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coconut macaroon said...

you crack me up... this scenario sounds eerily familiar. can't tell you how many times my attempt at a home practice turns into something else. someday(sigh & exhale)------ we can keep each other inspired.