Monday, September 1, 2008

Last Lulu's Class

I'm in Iowa now. I took my last class (for now) at Lulu Bandha's on Saturday: Sweet Vinyasa with Kira. It was like any other class with Kira: fun, fresh, juicy-feeling, relaxed, a good mixture of the familiar and the new things to play with. An oasis.

I liked the lack of instruction during the headstand. Having lower energy and needing something that felt really nourishing, I chose legs up the wall instead. I think if Kira had guided us through it step by step I would have been more tempted to go along and try to experience the pose through her words. So it was interesting to see what I did with the perceived freedom.

Mouse pose, it turns out, is way less effort than I thought. I figured out I can do it if I just put my hands out a little further in front to give my feet room to pop up. It doesn't necessarily feel 'right.' It feels diminutive and mouse-like, unlike other flying, nobler arm balances. You're just barely off the floor like you're sniffing for cheese. It's a pose you can't take too seriously. Everyone giggles when Kira demos this (including Kira).

I feel so far away from this Saturday experience here in suburbia. There's a new housing compound in town, built by a company called "Character Homes." There are endless identical houses that go on and on. I am confused. Where do the people inside go to live their lives? I don't see the grocery stores, the shops, the yoga studios.

Other notes:
-lopsided lunge pose was great.
-the mystery continues, of how and when yoga teachers decide to give the coveted yoga compliment; it's never when i'm thinking i deserve one :)
-warrior one felt really awkward. i felt more like a person standing in a goofy position than a graceful yogini

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coconut macaroon said...

I miss your muffin zeness already... Don't stop blogging. Your writing & experiences always inspire me. When are you going to start teaching? Sounds like the folks in Suburbia could desperatly use someone with your energy.