Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Flexible Rules

In accordance with the accountability principle (see kira's blog about the correlation between food-journaling and weight loss), I think I will post every bit of yoga that I do.  To see if it helps me to practice more on my own.  No bit will be left out.  Even if it means that my blog looks like "did wheel while waiting for the iron to get hot."  and that's it.  true story by the way.  

sometimes i hold myself back from doing more intense poses because i have this idea that it's wrong to do them unless i do warm up stuff first.  but i've always had too much impatience for warming up so i'd end up doing nothing.  it was exciting to do that wheel without any warm-up so now i'm going to do whatever pose i want whenever i want.  doesn't that sound spoiled?  oh, and add "however i want."  (i wonder if i ever would have developed this attitude of flexibility around the rules without lulu's)

sometimes my practice is too small to count as yoga in my head.  but this way i get to count everything.  like, i don't give myself credit for constantly sitting around in toe and foot torture.  now i'm going to count that.  and stop feeling bad that i'm not a real yogini just because i don't sweat and work on my core every day while wearing short shorts and a sports bra.  (no offense loweball i'm just jealous)

today i also did a slightly more by the book practice complete with an intention to feel peaceful.  it happened accidentally while i was trying to download a free Yoga Today class.  it didn't work and i got bored waiting so i did sun salutations -first quarter, then half, then full.  i had a minor emotional breakdown during the full salutation and laid down in childs pose.  not sure what happened exactly, but the thoughts were along the lines of "i'm not good enough."  it happens i guess.  i propelled myself back to life with a healthy dose of anger that allowed me to rebel against my own silly thoughts.  i didnt do a symmetrical practice at all.   pigeons were involved.  
ended in meditation.  current favorite seated position is seiza.  i want to use the word 'humble' to describe the effect.  though i had completely forgotten about the original peace intention i artificially set, i was pleasantly surprised to notice that after meditating for a few minutes, i managed to feel some small level of peace.  and what else can i ask for?  

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