Thursday, September 25, 2008

Reporting My Practice

I always read or write in my journal before I go to sleep.  Back in Boulder I did yoga before bed, but I'd always fall asleep on the floor with my legs up the wall.  Last night I was feeling an urge to go upside-down so I decided to again put aside my books and try a pre-bedtime practice. 

I love child's pose as a beginning.  It doesn't feel like Yoga, it just feels like curling up and resting.  It always calms me.  So I started in child's pose, for a long time.  Then I just sort of rolled forward and did a headstand with the wall close by as an option in case I wanted a break.  I recalled hearing that headstand was good to do before bed, so I wanted to be up there for a long time to get the full sedative effect.  

Came down not planning to do any other yoga but as usual it pulled me along and I had to do just one more pose.  I figured wheel wasn't a very good nighttime pose but I did it anyway.  Then I still hadn't had enough backbending so I did camel.  And then, a nice long badokonasana to quiet things down again.  I never did quite cross that distinct border between Thinking Too Much and Relaxation.  I got into bed and did my best to pile my pillows into the likeness of a bolster for a restorative heart opener. 

That was the hardest pose of all.  I alternated between relaxation and discomfort.  After that I didn't want any more yoga so I rolled off and tried to sleep but couldn't for the longest time.  I suppose next time I'll do that pose during the day or at least try to follow it with something introspective.  

On another note, earlier in the day I actually managed to get myself into a handstand against the wall for maybe the 4th time ever!    

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coconut macaroon said...

it warms my heart that you continue your practice so far from the nest.... like i say, you keep me inspired.