Saturday, September 27, 2008

Reporting my Practice

All I did yesterday was lay with my legs up the wall while talking on the phone.  The thought of anything else seemed like too much work.  

Today I did a moving tadasana.  While walking at the lake, I experimented with incorporating the principles of tadasana (activate the toes, ears in line with shoulders, tailbone slightly tucked, and of course, the ever challenging shoulders rolled back and down).  It was mostly the toe activation that made a noticeable difference.  My gait felt a little more symmetrical, and less sloppy.  

And finally, I showed my mom the restorative liver-meridian pose from Arturo's workshop.  She was really tired today and has been having issues related to her liver.  So I felt that pose was pretty perfect.  She looked at me like I was insane for suggesting yoga while she was so tired until she saw what 'restorative' meant. 

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