Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Top 10 Yoga Experiences of 2009

Happy New Year, Yogery! May your year be full of inspiration, muffins, french toast, and joy. I looked back on this strange year and picked out my favorite yoga moments. Listed in chronological order...

  • Yoga in the thigh-deep Iowa snow. I cleared a spot and did handstand against a tree, unafraid of falling into the pillowy snow.
  • Birthday yoga with Mom. We liked it so much we signed up for an eight-week course together. Afterwards, we ate chocolate croissants from La Mie. Pretty much every week.
  • Yoga taught by S-Lo when she came home from China to visit
  • A summer night practice session on the amphitheater stage on the Des Moines River, ending in a sudden thunderstorm
  • Chicago Savasana with Kelly's dog Benny

  • A sweet present from Alain during the Crib (it pays to have a blog about yoga AND pastries):

  • The Crib (my fourth annual!) was a radical change and felt like arriving home in many ways. I am endlessly, infinitely grateful.

  • Loved Erich's class, especially the yoga free-for-all. I practice listening to "big mind" whenever I think of it, and the results are sometimes surprising.
  • Shikantaza meditation in Ventura...that morning session has been so valuable in helping me learn to accept my practice as it is
  • Being back in Ojai, at safe, sweet Lulu Bandha's, where I learn so much

Thanks for reading! I can't wait to see what this year brings!


FrenchToast said...

Best Yoga moment of 2010 so far: teaching transatlantic via skype!

Zen Muffin said...

True statement. And that will be hard to top.