Friday, January 22, 2010

Class Report Friday Morning 1/22 + Strange Encounters

Last night was a bit of a nutter, if I do say so myself, and the events that unfolded distracted me a bit from planning. While having dinner at friend's, I got a phone call from the local police telling me my front door was open, and I had to return home immediately. To make an extremely long and complicated story shorter, I'll just say the door was open, one of the families that lives in my house called the mingjian, or people's police (like neighborhood watch), they came and called the real police. I came home and all was fine. I felt a bit shook up, though, and eventually another friend came over and I confess we poured ourselves a whiskey. Dealing with the police in China always gets me jittery. Don't ask me why the door was open, or what my neighbors were doing on the third floor, because I don't even know.

In any case, my plan had been to change up the sequences from the last few classes. I like the idea of growing with the crew that shows up for class, but wanted to tweak a few things.

This morning was quiet, five people, one non-English speaker. Did some demoing which seemed useful to all. The vibe seemed very chill and open, and felt like a good time to dip into new ideas.

I can't quite remember how we opened. It was different than usual. I remember cuing easy side plank, a seated side stretch, and an extended cat/cow.

First sequence was Crescent Lunge with vinyasa between each side.
Chair and chair twist with vinyasa
Then moved into Warrior I with vinyasa between each side, and checked in again with baby side plank.
Warrior II dance with Prasaritta on one side and Horse with heel pulses on the other, vinyasa each side.

This morning the vinyasas were varied--did some floor bow, cobra, locust work. I was cuing updog, but no body was biting so we did other things. 

Paused for core strengthening series--10 x dolphin/plank push ups. This seemed like enough for the group today, and so we did Compassion of Kira (as I like to call it) and moved on.

Second sequence was Warrior I, moving into Knee-to-Nose (Parvotasana?), Tumbling tree/Standing splits and then curling the extended leg in three times. Vinyasa with big plank in between, second round of the sequence we ended in pigeon.

Did Reverse plank twice with seated forward bending to counter pose. Two rounds of bridge with option for wheel on third round.

Ended with Happy Baby to Thread the Needle to Cow Face and an extended plow.

Supine twist and Savasana.

Rolling Breath. Om.

After class I felt really relaxed and chilled. Settling. 

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