Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Class Report Jan 27-Wed Flow 1

Hi hi hi! I have a few classes to report since the weekend, but I'm cooking up some spinach noodles and about to watch an episode of The West Wing and because these tasks are extremely demanding, I'm just going to do tonight's.

Good group! 8 people. Small crew of regulars, talked a bit in the beginning about working through a cycle.

Opened slowly, maybe too slowly. Impressing the heart, cat/cow on the floor, windshield wiper.

cat/cow bearing weight, plank, down dog.

tadasana. shoulder rolls/wise guy.

3 rounds sun salutes on their own. this was nice to see. really in tuned group.

crescent lunge series moving into revolved side angle. I was naughty and kept practicing with them, and due to this we got a bit out there. Okay, though, we set up the ground work for revolved triangle and in the next sequence nailed it.

Side plank in between vinyasas each side, first time both legs straight and second time option for top leg to lift.  Also flowed through upward bow and locust after the second vinyasa on each side, with a small break for breath with belly on the floor and arms out stretched. It was starting to get sweaty in there.

Second sequence: Warrior I to Warrior III, standing splits, drop the back leg to low lunge. knee to nose then triangle. I'm working from memory now, this might have been slightly different. Things might be out of order down below..

10 X dolphin push ups.

Choose your adventure time: tripod headstand or Tolasana/scale pose. most chose both!

Runners lunge/Pigeon

Hero's pose

bridge/wheel/plow/supine twist/savasana

I ended a few minutes after the hour was up.

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