Monday, January 25, 2010

Private Practice

I had three cookies and a cup of coffee as big as my face this morning, and yet I just peeled myself out of child's pose, centered in a sunny spot on the floor. I guess a sugar rush isn't what it used to be. It's been a funny week at home, what with the breaking and entering and all. I'm sleeping poorly; waking up at odd hours, panic in my throat. I think what's most disappointing about this whole encounter is that I now feel like I cannot be alone, and I was enjoying it.

Regardless, I have some free, alone time today and I was hoping to devote a bit of time to practicing. I am working on my triangle pose a lot, but for some reason spent some time hanging in revolved triangle--the twist felt so nice and open to the side of my body. I've also been doing a lot of core work at home: dolphin push ups, bada konasana crunches (soles of feet together, knees wide and with hands interlaced behind my head, i lift my shoulders on the exhale), and old fashioned sit ups.

Someone was asking about music earlier; I'll post my play list soon, but here's a tune that's been inspiring me lately in my flow sequences. The link is from YouTube and goes to a Twilight thing, so if you can, ignore that and just enjoy the melody. I first listened to this song driving home from a weekend in New Mexico a few years ago, and something about it has such a lovely 'last dance' quality. It feels able to bridge the vastness. I've been playing it during Warrior II-Reverse Warrior flow.

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Zen Muffin said...

i will forever worship iron and wine. i bet you picked this song in particular because of the fat house cat lyric didn't you? can't wait for the rest of your playlist. i was just thinking of you yesterday because i happened to listen to the garden state soundtrack, and i made a mental note that most of it is good for yoga too.