Friday, January 8, 2010

6-Legged Yogis

Lots of yoga going on in my life right now, which is exciting. I'm finally starting to design a yoga class, which means more personal practice time, I went to yin yoga the other night, I'm observing Kira's classes, and I even practiced yoga with Sarah in Shanghai via Skype. On the other side of the world in Shanghai she is working on some of the same stuff we are working on at the Lulu School headquarters, thanks to the miracle of the internet.

And now, for your enjoyment... I thought these guys put my Warrior II Dance to shame:

The mantis above is appropriately called Idolomantis Diabolica.

Above: Best arms. He is clearly feeling the prana from his heart to his...mantis hands.

Above: This coquettish mantis is dressed in the colors of a Hard Tail ad.

Above: This multi-talented mantis understands how to layer patterns to a fashionable effect as well as how to sequence a good yoga class, as she is on her way to trikonasana.

Can you imagine having to teach yoga to six legged creatures? "Put all 3 of your Left Limbs on the earth. Your Right Bottom and Middle Limbs will reach to the sky. Do whatever you have to with your Top Right Arm. Try not to eat your neighbor just now. And you'll have a chance to shed your exoskeletons before savasana. Good. Tune to the feeling in your antennae and chant OM."

Hundreds more wondrous photos of bizarre animals at the photographer's website. This got me wondering, are there websites out there with good yoga photography?


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alain said...

I love it!
There is a mantis that hangs out at the Matilija Sanctury.. usually doing inversion on the outside window. I'm motivated now to invite him/her inside for a session. :-)

Kira Ryder said...

gloriously genius!