Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Class Report

Last night hour long flow, ten or so peeps, if I remember correctly. Good energy in the room, nice heat.

opened with a sit and intention.
childs, table, cat/cow, dog

My intention was to open up the side body in the beginning, prepping for Half Moon later on, so we did 'baby plank' or side plank with knee, vinyasa, 'mama plank', or side plank with straight leg, and then later on worked up to 'papa plank', or side plank with leg and arm.

Crescent lunge series, my favorite, with Halleluha arms, Parvitta Parsvakonasana with option for what I refer to as the Jaws of Life arms, which is just the extension up and down with arms (for some reason, I get a really strong image of Jaws of Life when I open my arms up. Or like a big '<' greater than symbol.)

Core Strengthening:
ten rounds of Dolphin/plank push ups, or holding Dolphin for ten breaths
ten rounds of Bada Konasana crunches up
ten rounds of Boat Snaps, or holding Boat for ten breaths
(had planned on doing Twisted Root x10 but this felt like enough)

Warrior II dance a few rounds to get warmed up.

Eagle two rounds
Bound Airplane
Warrior III
Tumbling Tree/Standing Splits
Ardha Chandrasana
Fold forward

Vinyasa to floor back bending
Floor bow to airplane to locust with arms reaching forward

bridge x 2, second time supported
option for wheel or supported bridge
plow/deaf man's pose/shoulder stand

supine twist with eagle legs


rolling breath



Blissful Girl said...

Great post. Thank you. Would love to see a video of one of your classes. Some of your pose terms I'm not familiar with.

FrenchToast said...

Hi! I will try to get some videos up, I'm not so great at doing it, though. Maybe I can clear up the terminology here?

Blissful Girl said...

Awesome! Some of them I can figure out on my own, but here are the ones I'm curious about:
Bada Konasana crunches up
Twisted Root
Deafman's Pose
Boat Snaps
Warrior II dance

Thanks FrenchToast!