Sunday, January 24, 2010

empanadas and espresso

People of Earth:

Ms. A. Loweball has pressured me to create a post that will change your life, and I believe this moi can do it.

First I'd like to say that my dog Benny, featured most recently in the Top 10 Yoga Experiences of 2009, is truly honored that he made the list. He'd like to thank his beautiful mama, me, and his beautiful ate, Ashley, for introducing him to the art of yoga and providing him with a wood floor on which to practice.

See? Happy as a clam.

Perhaps some of you remember the entry I wrote about Dahn Yoga. I sometimes think about that studio as I waltz past it on my way to this great Empanada place on Clark St., but mostly I just don't. However, recently, I flipped open either the November or December issue of Glamour magazine and found this. Interesting. (But not as interesting as the amazing food you'll find at Lito's, natch.)

A recently-hired co-worker of mine happens to be a certified yoga instructor AND a neighbor of mine, so we will see if anything transpires. I hope to begin practicing with her on a semi-regular basis. My ultimate goal is to someday do yoga with my future nephew - due March 24th! - in Japan on Enoshima.

On a baking note, I've attempted several delectable treats within recent weeks. I've experimented with several cookie recipes, with mostly successful results. I'm working on creating culinary masterpieces with my baking stone. While this is most often used to bake pizza, I've found success using it for other items - including frozen mini corn dogs (yum!) and several cookies. Baking stone vs. air insulated baking sheets? It remains to be seen. I want to work more with oatmeal and will attempt an apricot oatmeal bar this weekend. The first run went sour. After calling my mom to complain, her reaction was this: "Those are the bars from hell!" Lovely.

Finally, my latest indulgence is Fritz Pastry. Best croissants I've ever had. Delightful Gateau Breton. Great prices. Aqua walls. Thank you Nathaniel Meads et al.

Best wishes for a happy 2010. My resolutions are these: shop crewcuts endlessly in a quest for the cutest little boy clothing on this side of the Pacific (not easy! considering I'm competing with Japan), learn how to bake the perfect pastry shell, not date anyone named Andrew Kim.



Zen Muffin said...

this post warms my heart.

is that the same empanada place that almost killed my stomach and made me vow to never eat fried food again? oh, but it was delicious. you get major bonus points for mentioning corn dogs. how is it that a blog about yoga has ended up featuring corn dogs TWICE IN ONE WEEK? (see s. loweball's earlier post)

beautiful, beautiful, life-changing post indeed. thanks kello. we should change your name to Yogurt Baby because now that i've lived with you i know you eat baby yogurt from trader joe's. or wait was that me?

post again soon, and let us know if you can bring the apricot bars from hell back to the heavenly realm where they belong.

p.s. my favorite sentence is "I sometimes think about that studio as I waltz past it on my way to this great empanada place on clark st., but mostly i just don't." genius.

Zen Muffin said...

more thoughts: it should be identified for the loyal readers of earth that kelly/Yogurt Baby is in Chicago!

and i think your goal should be to date MORE men named andrew kim, not less!