Sunday, January 24, 2010

Class Report

Saturday morning Pre-natal 1-1. Good class, she's about seven months and feeling good. Did loads of standing asana, and chilled in Triangle for awhile. Focus was on expanding across the side bodies, making space.

Saturday afternoon Flow. 7 peeps, 2 left early. Similar flow sequences, but I tweaked the ending so we could approach Half Moon a few different ways. Came into it from the Eagle/Bound Airplane flow, and then from Warrior I/Knee to Nose/Warrior III. Took a break for core strengthening and then ended up in Revolved Half Moon from Triangle. Did that twice, seemed to be received well. Everything else the same, except I did Camel instead of Wheel. Had them "om" in Camel to check in with space in the throat.

I'm in need of a hot and slow class, might check in with one tomorrow morning. Last night I had an unexpected 'visitor' at 4 am, and by 'visitor' I mean, someone broke into my house. Ugh. I'm getting a new lock installed tonight. However, I'll hazard to guess by the way I yelled last night, whoever it was, won't be back. Right now I'm going to head upstairs and have a nice grounding practice. Any suggestions?

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