Saturday, February 20, 2010

Yoga for Recovery Sequence

This is hot off the presses. I subbed for Winifred tonight. It was a gift to teach this class in so many ways. Without further ado, this is what we did:

-Restorative Heart Opener on Bolster with full yogic breath and letting exhales get longer than inhales, and fact-sharing about the parasympathetic nervous system
-Supta Padha Gustasana/Reclining Hand to Big Toe Pose with feet against the wall
-Roll over and press to tabletop, lots of cat/cow first together, then on own, encouraging peeps to move it side to side and linger where it feels amazing
-Easy Side Plank
-round down to extended child's
-Uttanasana, bending one knee at a time
-had peeps close eyes and roll up one vertebra at a time to tadasana, encouraged extreme slowness
-tadasana...hands in anjali mudra (flower bud mudra) a la krishnamacharya (see photo)...I LED AN OMMMMMM i'm so excited. peeps jumped right in, not shy at all. it was awesome.
-1/4 Sun Salutations x about 6? i'd planned 3 together, 3 on your own, but it seemed like guidance was still needed so i just gave simpler cues the last half.
-Lunge Salute with Crescent Lunge...lingered here low and wiggly for a long time then option to lift up into Halleluiah arms
-Sphinx to Seal
-Reverse Windshield Wiper
-Rocket Cat to Child's
-Plank to Down Dog
-repeat other side
-step forward to Uttanasana
-Squat and then come to backs
-Bridge x 2
-Restorative Twist on Bolsters


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alain said...

Sounds like a delicious flow :-)
Hope for you to see me in class someday!

Winifred said...

OMMMMMMM! Love this class Ashley!