Friday, February 12, 2010

Entering and Emerging from the Deep

Tonight was the first night of our final Yoga Jam Sessions. I just got home and visited my Blogger Dashboard, only to realize that my current favorite blog, Ugly Overload, had already provided the perfect analogy for exactly how I feel about our yoga session tonight in a teeny post called "A Little Dose of Humility." He writes, simply:

We all marvel at the life teeming on sunny reefs. Well, it turns out that the deepest portions of our oceans, those inky-black abyssal regions, where sunlight will never penetrate, where plants cannot grow, where the human body would implode from the pressure, where once scientists thought that life could not exist, are actually home to more abundance and variety of life than those sunny reefs. And we've only explored 1 millionth of those depths. So much to learn about our own planet.
The highs and lows of my week caught up with me on the mat this evening and feelings burst forth in a teary mess as if being expelled by my cells. My emotions, those creatures of the deep, wanted to be acknowledged. In moments like that I want to do anything but yoga. Normally I'd deal with those feelings with TV or sugar or both. Gradually the yoga and partner work started to help.

Meanwhile, I'm so psyched that Joseph is making a cd of everyone's favorite 2 yoga songs. I am already obsessing about this big and fun decision.

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