Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Class. One.

Here's the "set list" from my first class ever as the sub for Kira's Yin class last night.

Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who took the time to come! Having you all there was really the best part and made me feel a lot less nervous. I might post soon about my experience but here's the sequence for now:

3 landing breaths

intro sit, setting an intention (suggestions: listen without judging, or openness to the new, or maybe dedicate your practice to a loved one, or anything else your heart tells you.)

ujjayi breath hands on ribs x 3

thanks to french toast for the ideas for the opening!

Butterfly 5 minutes
pause at top to feel results, shake legs out

Swan Side 1- 5 minutes (or eye of needle at wall)
quick plank then 2 minute wide-legged sit feeling results of stretch

Swan Side 2 for 5 minutes
quick plank then 2 minute wide legged sit feeling results of stretch

Frog 5 minutes
rest on belly 1 minute


2 yang, active locusts, 1 minute each, going to bow the second time if it's easily available

Sphinx or Seal 5 minutes

rest on belly 1 minute
child's 1 minute, wiggling, rounding.

Twist (eagle legs) 5 minutes each side
awareness between eyes
I should have demoed the legs first maybe.
Found this pose the hardest to know what to say during. was perhaps too quiet.

2 minute savasana between sides to feel results

Sit 5 minutes (we have been sitting longer in kira's class but it felt intimidating to ask people to meditate)

notice the difference between now and your first sit
recall your intention, breathe it in one more time, exhale let it go, simply letting your awareness widen

option for people to remain sitting or lay down in savasana for last 10 minutes


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Winifred said...

I loved your class!