Friday, February 5, 2010

Class Two Sequence

My second yoga class ever! Again, subbed for Kira's Yin class.

Sit: shoulder drops and rolls (idea was to create nice memory of softness and ease in shoulders-neck-face for reference during the poses)

Tailbone Awareness and Shimmy

Left side

Swan/Pigeon 5 min
-plank + sit to integrate 2 min

1/2 Shoelace/Cowface 5 min
-sit 2 min

Dragon Lunge 5 min (I know this was hard but hopefully enjoyable. Maybe 3 min would be better for a pose this intense. I gave back out options etc but most stayed in)
-sit 2 min

Saddle. Plan was to do frog but I felt it would be cruel after the heat and intensity of dragon. Plus what I really wanted to do all along was Saddle, so I let that happen instead. Seemed downright peaceful after dragon.
-savasana 2 min


Swan/Pigeon 5 min
-plank and sit 2 min

OOPS I left out 1/2 shoelace on this side. I was starting to get worried about taking too long and started to rush a bit. I guess that's part of becoming a yoga teacher. I'm sure everyone went home and balanced themselves out. Hah!

Dragon 5 min
-sit 2 min

Active Locust x2, 1 min each.

Sphinx or Seal 5 min
rested on belly a minute or so, pressed to child's for a minute or so

Shorter twist with legs of choice



I'm so glad I got to do this!


FrenchToast said...

what is dragon pose??? it sounds so scary

Marnie said...

I just stumbled across your blog. I think it's great.


Zen Muffin said...

sarah-dragon pose is just the yin name for low crescent lunge basically, but your hands are resting on your knees.

marnie-awesome!! thanks for saying so. :) ashley

Kira Ryder said...

you are a STAR!

Blissful Girl said...

Isn't that funny how you realize a couple hours after a class that you forgot to do a pose on the other side?! I always appreciate a student pointing it out during the class so we can balance it out. I am inspired by you, Zen Muffin, to start logging my asanas after class, maybe I'll learn something!