Saturday, November 1, 2008


5 minutes left on my wi-fi time.  I just moved with my mom to her new apartment in Des Moines and the internet's not hooked up yet.  There's so much newness to adjust to.  

Today I went to "Community Acupuncture" at Firehouse Yoga in Des Moines.  It's a cheaper rate than a regular session, and you get the needles inserted right there in the yoga studio while laying in savasana on a mat.  

I knew I'd be asked what my 'chief concern' was and I'd been obsessing about it for a couple days. There's really nothing wrong with me.  But I'm determined to learn more about this chi stuff everyone's talking about.  And to become more familiar with what my own feels like.  

Is there ever anything 'wrong' with anyone?  Is all disease just a result of blocked or improperly flowing chi?  I have so much to learn about this topic.

Still, I had to name a chief concern for him to work on, so I asked for work on the scar on the back of my neck.  Arturo told me I still have anesthesia there from surgery 9 years ago.  And I don't like that idea at all.  So the acupuncturist put needles on my neck, ears, feet, and hands.   I just laid there and tried to get to know my own energy flow.  

To sum it up briefly, I think maybe acupuncture is good for destressing.  I don't know if it was the needles or the savasana but after the session I felt much more relaxed.  I think I'll go back.  

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