Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Second Singers Class

Yesterday taught a similar class to the same peeps. Spent a little more time geeking out on the sun salutes. I also "made" them sit. There were mixed feelings about that, I could tell, and it was difficult to stay in control. Felt conflicted about wanting them to 'like' the class and wanting to create an experience that would last. Yesterday's class was also a bit softer than the first one, partially based in observation of readiness from the first class. There were mixed feelings about that, as well, and one of my peeps cancelled this afternoon. Gotta go to the gym, he said. Oh, well. It was still a good class, and I was pleased with the way it turned out flow wise. I also am getting my play list just right, which obviously isn't that important, but it makes the class feel more real. And once again, socalled's song "You Are Never Alone" got compliments. Best song ever.

The things I paused to break down were downward facing dog, chatarunga, the half lift and ustrasana, which we only did part way. It's hard because one of them can't straighten her knees at all in downward facing dog--she's basically in puppy dog. I was doing a lot of demonstrating, which I think helped them but was exhausting for me to talk and demonstrate. My homework for myself is to come up with three solid cues for each pose, which was totally a CorePower homework assignment that I only did a little bit. Woops.

We also dialed in to the breath. I cued it quite a bit during the actual class, and again paused for three breaths after each vinyasa, which seemed quite helpful. We also cut out the chatarungs and did baby cobra to rocket cat instead.

We did lots of swamp monster rolling into warrior I. Very popular and fun. I made them do sound effects.

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Kira Ryder said...

hahah! "made them sit" hard!!!