Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yoga for Obama!

i practiced tonight and dedicated it to Senator Obama.  It must have worked because now he's President-Elect.  He won every state i've ever lived in (colorado, new mexico, california, and of course iowa).  I have felt disillusioned for 8 years and now I already feel more engaged, inspired, and part of my country!  

I'd thought it would be fun to go to a yoga class this election night and be with my fellow yogis, but I got a little lost along the way and didn't make it in time.  Subconsciously, I think I wasn't really wanting to go because I needed to do my own practice and not do what someone else was telling me.  

Instead I practiced mat-free on the deck of my mom's awesome new place in des moines.  Down the street, the Iowa Democratic Party was getting ready for its victory celebration.  I decided I would put together some poses in an order similar to a class, to see what would come out.  In my head I went through the verbal cues I might give if I were teaching the poses.  

I tried to focus on sending good energy into the world, especially to Obama and his family.  That evolved into feeling grateful at how close we are to true change.  I can't call it anything other than praying, praying that things would work out for the highest good for everyone and for the planet.  I don't like the word prayer for me personally--it's just not something i do--, but what else do you call it when your whole being is hoping and asking for something to happen?  I did a gentle lunar wheel pose and as I pushed up I smiled at the thought that my body was forming part of the letter O.  


FrenchToast said...

obama pranayama

Kira Ryder said...

oh goodness! thank you so much for winning the election for US! xoxok