Sunday, November 2, 2008

Random and no Crib stuff yet..

I'm back in Singapore after a weekend sojourn to Malaysia with Benjamin and his friend Babs. Babs is from Ghana and is perhaps one of the most enthusiastic tourists I've ever seen. He took photos of everything. "It's all good man, it's all good in the hood" was his motto. Or, "I don't wanna mess with that" when he was served up a hot pot of fish balls and noodles. The town we were traveling to has roots in Dutch, Malay and Portugese culture, and the food supposedly reflects it. But we ended up eating at a Thai satay place.

It's quite hot here, as one might imagine being on the equator would be. The humidity is triggering a lot of headaches and migraines and I think I'm still adjusting to the timezone because every night around 10 I get so unbelievably tired I can't keep my head up. I've been doing a practice every day, though, just simple stuff to keep my body lose. I'll post the sequence later on. I woke up one morning with a terrible headache and in my daze thought doing inversions would help. In fact, it did not. As soon as I got into down dog I remembered I had it backwards and thought, no no no!

This afternoon I'm teaching a class to two people from INSEAD. It evolved sort of on its own, after chatting briefly in the garden with a woman about what I do. She got totally excited and started telling me about her neck problems and all her stress. So we're doing a class today on campus. Another friend of Benjamin's also will attend--and hopefully Ben, if he doesn't have class. We'll see how it goes. I'm excited about teaching, but nervous they won't show up.

At the gym the other day I recreated Jasmine's class for myself and worked on Bird of Paradise and binding a lot. It was really fun.

More later.

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Benjamin said...

"we in asia, boy, we in asia!"