Monday, November 3, 2008

First Singers Class

So I taught an hour long class yesterday on the INSEAD campus to two people. Basically I used an outline from one of Kira's Stiff White Guy class and combined it with some random bits and pieces. Kira, thank god for your huge TT manual that I have lugged across the world with me. Overall, it was a good class. My two peeps loved it--in fact, we're doing another one this afternoon. Holding the space was a little hard, as we were in a tiny room on campus where students come for prayer or relaxation. During savasasana, a Muslim man came in for afternoon prayer. It was kind of nice to share that space with him, but I was giving little head rubs and it got a little cramped.
Here's the deal:
sitting side stretch both sides
sitting forward fold
down dog
side plank stretch both sides with knees down
down dog for 3 breaths
hop/step to rag doll/roll up to tadasana
1/4 sun salutation
crescent lunge with three options both sides X 2
vinyasa with baby chat/up dog/down dog
1/4 sun salutation
down dog for 3 breaths
warrior II
extended side angle
peaceful warrior
prasaritta or hammock
warrior II
vinyasa with baby chat/up dog/down dog
same on other side but horse play(horse to five pointed star back to horse) instead of hammock or prasaritta
down dog one breath
pigeon both sides
down dog
hop/walk to standing
1/4 sun salutation
forward fold to malasana
bridge x 2
seated forward fold
knees to chest with some hip play
supine twist

ta da!


Kira Ryder said...


Benjamin said...

you mean i missed a head massage? damn.

A l y s s a said...

Down Dog is definitely getting special treatment here. Also, I'm jealous. I feel like, if I were in Singapore right now, I'd totally be a yoga person. Count me in for your next class.

Zen Muffin said...

haha i love the ta da ending.