Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sugar and Tangerines (aka Ojai Yoga Crib)

Above: Megananda snuggles in during Arturo and Cheri's Restorative Yoga Class. 

There's truly SO much to say about the Crib.  It was my third and most intense Crib yet.  It was such a full, amazing, wonderful experience.  I gave more of myself in some ways and I allowed myself to do more of what I needed to do (like eat french fries on the Ventura pier and leave the dishes in the sink).  This year I had the sense of being a freshman in college; why take the time to sleep when there's so much socializing, studying, and activities to do?   

I took class from Jasmine Tarkeshi, Scott Blossom (twice!), Arturo Peal and Cheri Clampett, and the queen of hearts herself, Kira.  Jasmine invoked Obama as a model of grace in any situation and taught one of the most truly flowing vinyasa classes I've taken.  Scott offered the suggestion that wheel doesn't have to be a fiery pose, but can actually be more lunar and cooling.  He comes from such a subtle, energetic place that I can't always follow, but it's a road I definitely want to go down.  I think I 'got it' during his slow sun saluation, because my down dog felt more grounded than ever.  He helped me with my camel and it felt sooo soft and aligned.  Arturo and Cheri's restorative class left my muscles and my SOUL too relaxed to even fold a blanket at the end.  Cheri told me I had a sensitive aurical feel which I've been feeling proud of ever since, as if I won a prize.  And something just felt right about my class with Kira.  I felt open, safe, peaceful.  I love her.  

I wish I could live the Crib every single day.  5 hours of yoga every day surrounded by sweet, fun friends and nourished by Farmer and the Cook food would be (and was) heaven.  And Ojai was lovely with its trees popping with persimmons and tangerines.  

There's so much more but I think it will come out later, as I process everything and put it into practice.  I wanted to write now, while I'm still feeling a residual Crib high.  Ashley at the Crib is a different person than everyday Ashley looking back.  

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Kira Ryder said...

ashley is always ashley and we love her like crazy!