Friday, April 17, 2009

yogis--they're just like us!

so i'm sitting outside on this little patio of a burrito bar in beijing's western hipster area, waiting on benjamin and some friends for dinner. i sat down and immediately after setting my bag down, there's a blond woman in front of me, sitting at my table. SARAH! she exclaims. wait, that's me. i don't know anyone here. how does she know me?!

and then it dawns on me. i teach her and a friend of hers at 630am thursday and friday mornings. we just spoke this afternoon about me coming tomorrow at 730 for a saturday morning class. of course i know her. but she's wearing make up, and a beautiful jacket! i'm about to order a beer! the shock of being noticed out of the element makes me an awkward chatter.

but then the best part: she tells me, loudly, so the whole patio can here, how great i am! you're fabulous! she says. we loved your class! and i'm all like, oh, yeah, oh great, oh yeah i know, right., playing it cool. like i just live and breath the power yoga at 630 in the mornings, ain't no thang, babies! i flip my hair, newly shorn i might add, and smile peacefully. yes. i rocked you, didn't i?

i know, i know. it's not about me. it's not about me! it's not about me!

but can it be a little bit about me? just for tonight?

ok fine. i'm over it.

oddly i bumped into another yoga client in salitun a few hours before. i feel so famous.

but yeah. yoga is going well out here. slowly but surely racking up more clients and building my business. saving my money. i'm beginning to invent my own sequences now, relaxing into my own flow. teaching is feeling more intuitive, as is my own practice at home.

stuff we've been working lately are the following:

warrior I
wheel and/or camel depending on the client and day. i've been borrowing from scott blossom's wheel debuted at the crib. everybody digs it and we all feel badass dropping back.
lots of chair and chair variations. i don't know why. i'm into the thunder thighs feeling lately.
and weirdly, triangle. i used to hate triangle, and now i'm teaching like three different variations. also been dealing in the bound side angle business, which is a crowd pleaser.

what else. breathing. keeping it fresh. dealing with my own shit and doing my best to keep it out of yoga classes. it's amazing the intimacy that's created by a one on one session. the things we feel inspired to share. working on listening.

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