Monday, April 6, 2009

Private Practice

The weather is warm now. In Boulder I'd be on my bike, or hiking up Green Mountain. In Beijing, I walk three blocks to the subway and practice yoga in the sunniest spot in my gym studio.

Watched parts of Paul Grilley's Anatomy for Yoga. Amazing! Kind of in this weird place where I feel like everything I learned about, specifically, downward dog is wrong. Marley called me a flexy bendy, and I got reprimanded for 'hanging out' in downward dog. Paul Grilley makes the point that as long as there is no pain felt, it's okay. So today at the gym I did some sun salutes and warrior dances with awareness on where I felt compression, specifically in downward dog. I mean, I could bring my head to the floor easily. I can feel where my joints are meeting and can't stretch any further, and depending on how I want my hamstrings to feel, I move my legs accordingly. But I was told not to do that for a long time and down dog has become this pose that stresses me out, as I try to keep my arms active and my elbows bent and blah blah, keeping my face from the floor. I don't know. Is it bad? Here's an old photo, from August, during my CPY TT:

I'll try to get another one of me in the down dog that feels the flexiest, bendiest, and bestest.

Anyhow, it's something to think about. Still working with shoulder stuff.

warrior 2
side angle
reverse warrior
warrior 2
side angle
bound triangle
bound side angle
(my chatarungas and updogs getting better every time i practice..yay!)

then i've been hitting the pool or the treadmill. Swimming is hard, yo! It wears me out. Taking my savasana in the steam room...