Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sci Fi Yoga

Tonight I went to Stephie's Studio Om "vigorous" class.  Stephie is a bad ass chick disguised as a sweetie pie.  She is quiet, super sweet, and unassuming.  But when she takes off her long-sleeve shirt at yoga class, you see the lovely tattoos and the strong muscles, and you start to think, uh-oh.  She keeps smiling at you at the same time as she's asking you to do push-ups and core strengtheners and get your alignment right.  She won't let you slack off and let your shoulders crawl up.  She won't let you arch your low back, even if you can't go into the pose as deeply.  

Not that she's all business.  She just believes in getting the alignment right so that you can start to play.  I still feel free to do just about all the wiggling I want!

After class I caught my bus back home along with another student, Victor.  Victor is a trip.  He just got into yoga a month ago and loves it.  He has to bus it even further than me, so in total, one yoga class takes up approximately 3 hours, including class and travel time.  He must use his travel time to write, I'm guessing, because he has completed his own science fiction novel.  As we rode, he pulled out his laptop and started playing the latest Wah! music.  On the bus!  For all to hear!  I swayed in my seat the whole way home.  Even the bus driver said she liked it.  When I got off she bade me farewell with a very sincere "God bless you baby" and Victor waved and called out "Namaste!"  

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FrenchToast said...

so so so so good. get a picture of victor on the bus next time. i love it! also get a copy of his sci fci novel, omg, aMAZING!