Tuesday, March 3, 2009

sleep in savasana

Today was another small group class in Shunyi. Same three women as usual, who are slowly becoming more familiar with me and with the movements. We do the same stuff each time but I try and emphasize different things. Today was focusing on opening and softening into the postures, a slower, more focused class. They all said they were tired.
easy sit side stretch
wise guy with arm extension
Sun salutes
lunge salutes
lunge salutes with prayer twist
sun salutes
warrior dance with emphasis on subtle movements to keep the posture active but soft
chatarunga with knees
low cobra
same thing on other side
core stuff and navasana play--this is why they all signed up for yoga, to work on their core strength. thought today we might skip it since they all said they wanted a relaxing class, but the vote for crunches etc was unanimous, so we did bada konasana crunches, bicycle sit ups, boat stuff and the low ab ceiling stamp thing that i kind of invented, with emphasis on curling the tailbone under to create lift.
bridge x 2
one more set of warrior 2 dance on both sides but with prasittas in between
vinyasa was chatrunga to floor bow to childs.
wall splat
pidgeon at the wall (thread the needle?)
cow face for a minute or so with emphasis on breathing deeper into the stretch
(these three are the big ones for this group)

then we got our backs and talked about belly stuff. showed them the belly massage, talked about colons and digestion for a minute, and then did knees to chest self-hug before coming into supine twist and then savasana.

during the knees to chest on the right side, i noticed one woman just sort of lying there. i began to worry about my cues, like, oh man, she hates this, she's not doing anything, she's just lying there like, when is going to be over?! and then all of a sudden her leg snapped up and she rejoined us. during savasana it was the same thing--as i was trying to bring them out of savasana, nobody was wiggling or gently nodding. no eyes were opening. and then i realized they all were asleep. hehe!

this group is getting a good groove together. we listen to music and use this big studio space in their clubhouse so our time has a very 'class' feel to it. good for me, too, to put on my teacher pants and walk around the room more, instead of practicing so much, or just like, standing there directing.

one more class tonight and then home to pack for hong kong tomorrow. probably going to bring my mat with me because i'm basically broke and staying home to practice yoga instead of going out drinking is a good way to spend my time and save my money!

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