Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Inchworm

Radical revelation this afternoon whilst practicing solo at the gym: The Inchworm! I remember Marley from CPY TT offering it as an option when we all were sore and tired from chatarunga, but for some reason I just could not figure it out. Drop my knees, lower my chest, what? It just did not make sense. And then today I just sort of did it. And it felt great! Definitely my new cue for peeps who don't want to do full chatarunga/updog.

Also: one of my clients this afternoon had about five too many glasses of wine at lunch and came to practice anyway. I tried to imagine what Laura Kupperman would do in that situation, and I made her sit down a lot. Had a hard time being stern with her. She was like, but we had book club!at an italian place! She is already kind of a spazz, and it took me a few cycles of sun salutes to figure out something was off with her. Extra wobbly.

She seemed in good spirits, though. The other two women and I worked on tripod headstands for a while as she chilled out on the mat giggling to herself.

All for now.

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coconut macaroon said...

yes, the tipsy student does throw one for a loop...