Friday, August 8, 2008

Power Yoga Training Run-down

Well. I graduated from power yoga teacher training.
Highlights include:

leading a class through an hour of power yoga!

thai yoga massage

realizing i actually enjoy core strengthening and don't feel like a tool teaching ab work

feedback from class on my voice and presence

meeting and spending 14 hours a day with some fabulously dedicated yogis and seriously funny ladies

getting really tuned into alignment

sipping coffee in between sun a and sun b series during our early morning practices. yeah, gross, i know. get over it.

staying true to my inner yoga voice and keeping my practice through out the training

wearing my teacher pants and student pants

more deets later, but right now my main concern is reading this guide book to france and sipping on some white wine. here's to me, two yoga teacher trainings in one summer and a trip to france at the end of the week. my life is pretty okay.

tomorrow afternoon someone's coming to the house to do an hour session with me. i said noon because what really sounds nice to me after 100 + hours of yoga is a cup of coffee, the sunday times and a long sit in the morning sun.

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