Monday, August 4, 2008

A Macaroni Bowl without Macaroni

from an essay in Sunday's NYT, "Disassembling My Childhood" by Dan Beachy-Quick (his 3-year-old daugher Hana is anticipating a promised gift from her grandpa):

For me, the best part of waiting for the gift is asking Hana what she thinks it might be. "An elephant?" she guessed. "A macaroni bowl without macaroni?"

Nothing else gives me such a sense of how astonishing desire is. Desire gives equal weight to things of radically different worth. Hana cycled through the possibilities at every meal. "A piece of glass?" "Crayons?" "A cloud?"

Desire erases boundaries by easing through them. Desire is wonder in motion. Desire finds that reality's border is loosely guarded; someone-"reason's viceroy"-is always asleep at his post. My 3-year-old girl knows already what many poets would do well to learn: desire pushes through the limit of what is possible; it does not recognize it and retreat.

My practice (with Bjork's Post cd):

start in tadasana

very slow dive forward waiting until the last second to round my back

down dog

  • cat tuck/cow tilt

round to plank

uncurl into side plank following full course of the cow tilt into a drop back


down dog

  • drop to dolphin
  • walk toes forward for sirsana (headstand)
  • attempt kira's transition rocking from sirsana prep back to crow
  • squat

roll forward padha hastasana

after feeling quite energetic at the beginning i started to get disinterested and couldn't continue with my PLAN for an active practice. wondered what was wrong with me but decided to try a yin pose to while i wrote down what i'd been doing

Frog ---yin turned out to be just what i needed, this pose always feels detoxifying and slowing down allowed me to notice i was tired

hip circles with hands planted and cobra

hanumanasa (splits) attempt each side

supine badakonasana (butterfly)

savasana (corpse)

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FrenchToast said...

a macaroni bowl without macaroni! that is too good to be true.
good postage, z muff. is the bjork cd good?
i love doing kira's sirasana prep to crow. might be my favorite thing..ever. ee ee ee. (me creaking)