Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Trikonasana Loves Me and Yoga Teacher Training

Life is getting in the way of yoga. Isabelle's been in the hospital, and my free time is spent trying to get her to use her nebulizer/dragon mask/fog machine. None of these names make her feel any better about it, and I don't blame her. I renewed my pass at CorePower. Since I started this particular post I've been to three classes, two hot and one fusion. Last night's hot class was great. Talked to Heidi for awhile after class about poses, about projecting. She worried she was creating anxiety in the class. I told her my fear of trikonasana, how lame I feel. I think I was hoping she'd be all, "oh, of course it's okay to quit during trikonasana! do what feels good!" but instead she verified it's a master pose, it's hard, it hurts but "if you're not falling on the ground from dizziness, stay in it". I guess I need to hear that. I was thinking about a remark John made one night after I told him I hated trikonasana. But it loves you, he said.

This post has been started and stopped about four times. I'm finding lately there is a lot I want to say. Something that is happening here, in my life, in my head. Something maybe becoming. I do what to talk about this, but first,this just in: Kira agrees with the payment plan, so I'll see Z-Muffin in June for yoga teacher training at LuluBhandas! Fuck yes.


Zen Muffin said...

say the stuff, toast. we want to hear it. i can't wait for the teacher training. O. M. G. "gorrrgeous..." "niiice" "beaUUUtiful." we'll be learning how and when to give the perfect yoga compliment.

FrenchToast said...

you are right, there are numerous spelling errors. too bad! gorrgeous...niiiiice..beauuuuutiful!