Thursday, February 14, 2008

Laura's Noon Hot Yoga

Sister, I made myself a soy latte this morning with that contraption you got me from Holland. I was planning on going to Hot Yoga fusion this morning at 6 am, but I woke up at exactly 6 am. I think that is what the class is called-or maybe Hot Power Fusion. Something goofy. So now I'm drinking my latte, watching the dumb snow and thinking about buying yoga pants.

Laura's class is one hour from noon to one. It is usually packed; tons of thirty something soccer moms and college girls wanting to work out between classes. I use the phrase work out because that is what her class feels like. She really clips along through the poses. When I started back at Corepower studios last month, it was her class I went back to. I thought it was just me feeling overworked, overheated and overtired when I felt dizzy before camel, or weak during triangle, and the more I went the better I'd be. So I've been mostly going to the 90 minute classes since those early, sweaty days, and getting stronger. I'm even doing camel, yay!

For some reason the hour classes are harder for me. Yesterday I felt lightheaded before camel, and could only kneel on my mat. Laura kept the class moving right along, telling us to take deep breaths to lower our heart rates if needed. I totally did. I felt like I had been running laps. It was difficult to find my 'best pose' when i couldn't even find my breath. In comparison, during the 90 minute classes I am able to breathe through my nose, softly, and when the second set rolls around I can actually work on getting my best pose. Not to say its not work--it totally is. I feel like falling over equally during both time frames.

I don't know what this means. Do I need to raise my general level of fitness for the one hour class? Esp Laura's.

New hated/feared pose: the first back bend in ardha chandhrasana. Ouch.

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