Saturday, February 9, 2008

Hot Yoga with Yoga John

Yoga John's last class at Corepower was last night, 90 minute hot yoga class at 5. The class was packed, three entire rows of people. I got there early and planted myself right up front. Kate and Rob came later. I didn't realize last night it was John's last class teaching, but I'm so glad I went. It was an awesome class. John was so attentive to the class, light hearted and encouraging. The standing series was difficult--I've actually been to hot yoga every day this week, and by Friday my body and muscles were feeling the burn, so to speak.

I also noticed last night during the pranayama breathing I was in tune with it, for maybe the first time ever. The breathing is always awkward for me; the instructor says 'inhale' and i'm exhaling, or they say 'inhale your belly out' and I just stand there doing the opposite. In the class last night, though, it felt really natural, and actually really revitalizing. I focused on exhaling down and inhaling up, tightening my core, and taking deep breaths through my nose when I was about to fall over. John gave me some love during cobra pose, pulling lightly on the backs of my shoulders as I breathed into the pose, lifting my heart first. It was the first time I felt like I was doing it right. He stood on the backs of my feet first, but then stepped away, saying 'you're pretty much grounded', which gave me this nice fuzzy yoga feeling. During the past week I've noticed I'm getting more relaxed during class and it is reflecting in my yoga.

Ok. Not feeling articulate, and noticing I smell a little. Time to shower and enjoy my day. I'm sure I'll edit this later and add some like, deep thoughts or something. Tomorrow going to Richard Freeman's class with John. I feel nervous about it, even though it's a level one class. I'm sure nobody will care, or even pay attention to me, but I can't help feeling self conscious, esp going with John, who is great and a great yoga teacher, to a class taught by another great yoga teacher. Arg.

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Zen Muffin said...

Wow the last two remaining members of the Yoga Team are being separated? Sad. I wish I could have gone too. Can't wait for the post on richard freeman.