Monday, January 3, 2011

On Yoga (or the lack thereof) in India

Yoga teachers sometimes say and do things that embarrass the rest of us in the profession. Hanging a disco ball in the studio is one example. Telling an Indian woman she has good hips for squatting (because she is Indian) is just cringe-inducing (how would someone even come up with that idea?). Yikes. In this NPR story, a funny Indian American radio host decides to try yoga before India 'reclaims' it and he is left behind.

Story Here


alain said...

Haha... I'm not em-bare-assed :-) Then again, when I have the class doing malasana... I like to refer to the smart Asian folks, as Paul Grilley spoke of, who have been squatting for centuries and are a culture of strong, flexible backs!
I hope Casey didn't read about this disco ball technique, but who am I to judge... teaching my bionic rock/hip hop yoga? :-)

FrenchToast said...

I live in China and its very interesting to see all the squatting here--squatting down on the street to play with a child or to eat a snack. It certainly is a part of the Chinese culture--I don't recall seeing peeps squatting on the street in LA while drinking their coffee.
Bionic rock hip hop yoga sounds great--what is it?!