Saturday, January 8, 2011

New year, new yoga

Hello from Koh Phangnan, Thailand! Ben and I are spending the next few weeks relaxing and detoxing from life in China. This morning we snorkeled near a living reef and I practiced my pranayama to keep from panicking. I am not an experienced sea faring lady, so I need lots of practice. The bright, swift moving schools of fish and dark seaweed plant that spiral up from the sandy bottom like snakes still surprise me.
I have not practiced ashtanga seriously for awhile, but there is a little studio near by which offers a class in the afternoons--today we'll ride over and check it out. I am looking forward to revisiting the practice--in the past, it's felt to rigid for me.
Dear Yogery, it pains me to write I lost my camera, so I cannot share the photos of the amazing food we've had here. But believe when I say there are some incredible looking pasrtries here--some buns and cakes colored bright green or yellow.
Any one out there have any yoga or non yoga recommendations for me on Koh Phangnan? Places to eat I just can't miss, or beautiful beaches? I'd love to hear them.


Brittany said...

Sounds lovely - have fun!

inder said...

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