Thursday, June 3, 2010

Photo-Illustrated Haiku

Pastry love from Lisa.

Farm girl, dancer, yogini.

Mountain mustard blooms.


Zen Muffin said...

i messed up the first line, it's supposed to be 5 not 6 syllables. but it's funny to me that i did that so i'm leaving it.

joven said...

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alain said...

is that cup made of chocolate too?!
This Haiku could be called "Going to Heaven with your Boots ON" :-)

LeeAnn said...

I love this blog! And I have to say, where on earth did that yummy pudding-like stuff in a cup come from??? Please say somewhere in canada!
IF and when you ever have a chance, check out my blog at
Love to hear any feedback! Have a great day.

Zen Muffin said...

Thanks for the love you guys.

haha Alain, yes, the cup is SOLID CHOCOLATE. but it's like a moussey chocolate inside. damn good.

LeeAnn- Love your blog too. My friend Lisa brought the cupcake from a bakery in Santa Cruz, California. Perhaps they do mail orders to Canada... ;) it did taste good!

Lisa said...

the bakery is called "the buttery". everything there is amazing. but i am especially blown away by the carrot cake. i have had dreams about so good.

i am hoping that by posting their link, perhaps i can get a baked-goods paid commission.