Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Garden. And Restorative Yoga.

Just posted this at THE GARDEN, Lulu Bandhas' new online yoga community for blogging and getting to know a bunch of super nice fellow yogis. Everyone is welcome to join! I am helping Kira host it, so you will see me if you join!

Wow! I have been without late-night internet access for a month and I've only had a nebulous vision of what would be happening in The Garden. I've started reading through the blogs and I am so excited to get to know you all and share our inspirations and questions and yoga-love!

I taught yoga tonight; I stood in for Alana as the Restorative teacher. It was my first time teaching Restorative and I loved it (almost) as much as I love DOING Restorative. For the same reason: the spaciousness of silence. I was able to sink in myself a little bit and really check in with each student. I felt like a mother hen sitting and keeping on eye on her babies (sorry, I was just living on a farm so chickens are on my mind). I didn't actually sit on anyone, I promise. But once I felt like alignment was clear and I'd given enough guidance towards breathing and releasing, I could just meditate on the moment. It was really nice. I did wonder, were my silences were too long? But then, speaking would have felt so disruptive. There's much I need to work on but I won't go into that today. I just want to enjoy the new fresh experience right now.

Here's my sequence:::

Watering the heart 10 min
Side Lying Rest 5 min
Cat/Cow: a few rounds
Supported swan 3-5 min ea. side
transition: leg extensions or gentle dog
Reclining Bound Angle (Supta Baddha Konasana) 10 min
Side Lying Rest Pose 3 min
Legs Up Wall
Transition: Slide back to Savasana, removing bolster

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