Saturday, May 1, 2010

Recovery and Feeling Like a Real Yoga Teacher

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I subbed again tonight for Winifred's Yoga for Recovery class. It was a good experience for me because the energy level of this class is all over the place. One time it was super low, and some beginners showed up. Then last week I came with a nice easy class and met a group of regular yogis who wanted "level 3." So this week I knew I couldn't count on anything. I prepared for any level but I spent most of my time prepping a more rigorous class, which paid off because 2 regular, athletic yogis showed up who requested something harder. It was FUN! I shook off some of my nervousness about messing up the vinyasas by just saying at the beginning, "Ok, we will work, but feel free to correct me if I say the wrong foot or something." That helped me feel more free to experiment and not worry about the salutations being perfect, by-the-book flows. One student had been cycling all day and wanted to stretch her quads so we really checked in low lunge several times and even held it for a couple minutes yin style. Also, I said "butt" finally. I felt stupid saying this before. Ha! Wink

I'm finally starting to feel like a yoga teacher. The pieces are starting to come together and feel more natural. I love this job so far. I'm teaching this week on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 8:30 and am so happy about it. Come join me if you're in Ojai!

Sit (I went back to suggesting the setting of an intention, which I had dropped for a while)

Here I immediately deviated from my notes, which would have taken us to our backs for quite a while. Because they were both gung-ho for moving I felt like we should make the warm-up more vigorous.

Cat/Cow & wide hip circles

Twisting Eye of the Needle (arms threading, not legs)

Easy Side Plank with cat/cow between



Abdominal leg curls, 3 each leg

Plank to Baby Cobra

Extended Child's



3 1/2 Salutes

Salute with High Crescent Lunge

(After the 1st lunge, did Dog. After the 2nd lunge, did plank to baby cobra to rocket cat to dog, then hop/step to uttanasana)

Salute with Warrior I, Set up arms and legs from there then dive into Twisting Lunge, then Low Lunge, no arms

(again, did the vinyasa after doing both sides, we did a locust, rocket cat, dog, hop/step forward)

In Tadasana, check in hallelujah, swamp monster, and then Urdvha Danurasana arms.

Salute with Warrior I and hallelujah arms, triangle, low lunge with urdhva danurasana arms

(vinyasa after both sides, including baby cobra, locust, big cobra, rocket cat,dog, hop/step forward)

Think I'm forgetting something because at some point we did a yin-style lunge

Final vinyasa was a bow pose followed by rocket cat and child's.

Pigeon or eye of the needle

Bicycle Crunches (they wanted vigorous :)

Slow Leg Lowering and lifting


Bridge with Wheel option. It's amazing what a certain choice of words can prompt. I said "take your favorite backbend," meaning either bridge or wheel. But one student said, "my favorite backbend? then i'll do this," and she went into camel. The remaining two of us followed shortly and so it really felt like 3 yogis practicing together, rather than a teacher-student thing. So beautiful.

Happy Baby

Supine Spinal Twist



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