Thursday, March 11, 2010

You Don't Have a Chance Unless You've Got Those Moves that She Likes

I am making progress in the arena of Not Thinking So Much. I know this to be true because I DANCED tonight. It makes my heart retreat in fear a little bit just to type that. The Yogery patrons will probably think I'm crazy. But I know millions of people dance every day! It is a very human thing to do. I think I have been moving toward this ability to let go and dance for a while now. Perhaps a lifetime.

I learned how to do this strange, frightening, primitive-yet-evolved activity on Sunday at a workshop taught by my new boss (you read that right!). I totally lost track of time but I would guess we were moving constantly for about an hour, sometimes subtly, sometimes exaggerated, with wordless, drum-heavy music in the background. The main rule was--just keep moving. We started on our backs just moving our hands and arms, and I was so delighted and surprised at how many different ways my hands wanted to move. One motion after another helped keep the thinking brain turned off. I felt really alive moving my hands like that. Obviously I've danced many times in my life, but almost always quite mechanically while thinking, "Oh, isn't this a nice activity for coordinated people? I wish I didn't look so stupid doing it!"

So tonight I pressed play on my dance playlist. At first I just kinda wiggled around a little bit while scrubbing the toilet and then thought, what the heck, and I got out my mat. And just kept moving. When I would start thinking, I just moved again. I didn't once compose a blog in my head or worry about doing chores. I got a workout, and I felt into some interesting nooks and crannies in my body. I feel quite smoothed out. I am infatuated right now with this practice. Now I just need some more dance music; my dance playlist is kind of heavy on Mr. Timberlake. (Now THATS the most embarrassing thing I've typed this whole post)

Above: Justin Timberlake. Just for fun. I pulled this off of some teen's Twilight-inspired blog. And no offense to him; I mean come on, Lovestoned is the best song ever.


FrenchToast said...

oh my GOD. i wish i had a dime for everytime i said "oh, dancing! what a nice thing for coordinated people to do! how i wish i was one of theirs!". i would be rich.

sometimes i dance alone in my apt for practice. sometimes when i dance in public, like at clubs, i actually fall over. thats how uncoordinated i am. how am i a yoga teacher?

excellent work sister.

Lisa said...

i have to say "rock your body" is still my fave. love that you are dancing--it just feels SO GOOD! :)