Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Class Five

I had the honor of teaching Kira's Yin Yoga again last night. On my birthday! I now have 7.5 hours total of teaching under my belt and I'll be subbing for Winifred's Yoga for Recovery again on March 20. If Macolm Gladwell is right that we need 10,000 hours of practice to become experts at something, I've only got 9,992.5 more hours to go!

The sequence:

-Butterfly 5

Heart opener counter pose
Cat/Cow, barrel rolls, hip circles

-Extended Child's (didn't time it but it was a couple minutes)
Puppy Dog

-Neck opening on block (from Lisa's workshop) 5 min

-Swan 5 min on each side resting for 2 min after each side (also offered box and eye-of-the-needle at the wall options)

-Frog 5 min rest on belly 2 min

-Active locust 1 min
rest. reverse windshield wiper.

-Sphinx/Seal 5 min, resting for 2 min on belly

-Restorative Twist


Since it was my birthday, I brought chocolate coconut haystacks from The Farmer and the Cook and handed them out after class. This seemed to be a popular move. :)


FrenchToast said...

happy birthday! i want a chocolate coconut haystack! a few days ago one of my peeps brought me a piece of home made dark chocolate cake...she is my new hero.

also, i am going to do this yin class this afternoon!!!

Zen Muffin said...

really? that's awesome. let me know how it goes.