Thursday, March 4, 2010

Class Four

Taught Yin Yoga last night for Kira. The rain made it extra cozy. The sequence:

Extended child's

Puppy Dog


Hip Circles

Alternate Nostril Breathing

Dragonfly 5 min

Swan L & R sides 5 min each (or box or eye of needle at wall)
-plank and rest on belly 2 min. between sides

Butterfly with extra time for unwinding a la Lisa's workshop, took about 9 min total
-"favorite" resting pose, some took savasana; some took child's; some rested on belly, 2 min

1 minute active locust or "baby penguin" x 2
-windshield wiper and rest between asanas

Sphinx 2.5 min then option to go to Seal

Had planned to do Lisa's neck on the block method but there wasn't time.

Restorative twist 3 min on each side


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