Sunday, December 6, 2009

It Is What It Is

I'm drinking a Coke right now! It's a little gross, and I wish it was a cup of hot, strong coffee instead, but I'm too lazy to run down to the Starbucks and for some reason we had a Coke in our fridge. It is what it is.

Just received word from my boss lady at the Bakery that due to financial problems she can no longer afford to pay me and thusly I no longer have a job. Great! I suppose it was only a matter of time. Dreams of actualizing Yogery now minus a phase. Sometimes I get way too excited about things and the disappointment is so crushing when those things aren't fully realized or fall apart. The job with CPY was another example of this. Blerg! I'm sure it's my duty as a yoga blogger to dispense some form of wisdom related to "leading with the heart" and the pursuit of joy and happiness regardless of risk, but I'm in no mood.

In any case today was my day off anyway and I plan on spending it upstairs practicing yoga. I somehow managed to pinch a nerve or twist up a muscle in my right shoulder and the pain has been, at times, intense. Doing the Compassion of Kira, as I like to call it, seems to help. I've been noticing how slumpy my shoulders get just walking around the house. Sometimes I'll just be standing in the kitchen nibbling on bread and realize my shoulders are practically touching my ear lobes. I remember a few summers back, after returning to Boulder from Lulu's teacher training, a friend saw me at a party and remarked she could tell I'd been practicing loads of yoga because my posture was great and my clothes were stretchy and comfortable. How much as changed since that summer. My life lately has me physically braced against it, instead of softening toward what comes my way. There's no flow here, and if there was I'd probably be too grumpy to go with it, anyway.

This Coke has officially grossed me out.

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Zen Muffin said...

oh nooooooooo we are the unemployed baking yoga sisters now. don't worry the yogery will still happen! buttascotch baby!