Thursday, December 10, 2009

Falling into Eternity and Yoga Jazz

I fell in class the other day. We were working on transitioning from sirsana 2 (tripod headstand) to crow and back and somehow I tipped backwards from headstand and--boom!--landed on the floor. I felt strangely calm about it, other than feeling concern about startling the ladies I nearly landed on. Kira was right there to check on me, and I didn't really mind the fall. At least I was trying. And falling is a tiny high, a split second that expands into an eternity as you lose control. I still don't quite know what happened; I've been careful enough not to fall backwards for several years, since I first determinedly learned to do headstand on the soft lawn of our Boulder backyard with Chewbacca the cat grumpily stalking past me.

Preparing for the first YOGA JAM SESSIONS tomorrow by googling yoga extensively to learn at the last minute everything I feel I should already know. Found this funny list of new 'brands' of yoga. Here's one of my favorites:


“…Hum..Yea..all right now…”

For the jazz crowd. This is where you sit on your mat and watch the teacher do the moves. You bob you head a bit, give a slight applause after the teacher completes an asana and you never, never sweat. YoZzz is too cool for that.

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