Tuesday, June 2, 2009

home practice

Poses I can't help but feel I should be able to do in order to qualify to teach anyone yoga: 

full king pigeon
handstand without wall help and without ungracefully throwing myself into it

that's all i can think of right now.  full splits and titibasana would be nice too i guess.  oh, and a drop-back from standing to upward bow. 

anyway for now i'm just diving in deeper into the poses that make me feel amazing...this morning i did:

started to work on handstand then realized i needed to warm up first
few half sun salutes
On the left side: dancer, eka pada galavasana (flying eagle? crow?)
down dog
side plank
down dog--uttanasana---roll up
Repeat right side
spent like 20 minutes in supine pada gustasana 
my legs felt soooo good after this that they felt like they belonged to a different body than my torso and shoulders. i almost just finished in savasana right there but i wanted to get that good feeling in my torso and shoulders too!
couple of upward facing bows but they felt a little stiff today
worked on my full pigeon using a strap.  even though i can't touch my foot to my head yet i'm getting closer and it still feels amazing.
left side pigeon--then cow-face legs then childs?
repeat other side
boat again?
roll to squat then uttanasana then standing.  odd ending.  for savasana i did legs up the wall outside on the balcony.  


Kira Ryder said...

i miss you

Kai said...

oops i shouldn't read posts from newest to older...
it's fun thinking about that kind of list, gives me quite some insights...