Saturday, September 18, 2010

I missed yoga today. Again! Otherwise I would not be here writing this blog. Am I the only one that does that?! I think there might be something missing in my brain. Some lobe that plans out the timing of my morning schedule. It's like my body takes over and becomes this robot. A robot that takes long showers, drinks Sense of Peace tea, sleeps in despite the tiny dog jumping onto its face, waters plants, tosses out the old kefir, gives out belly rubs to any animal that asks, and listens to just one more song on that cd. Then suddenly it's 8:50 and it's too late to go to class without slouching in late and ashamed--again--and THAT's when the human wakes up and realizes what she has done.

Oh yeah, and all this complaining and self-pity about missing yoga has made me lose focus on what I wanted to share, which is the above clip from the movie My Neighbor Totoro. My words can only diminish the experience of the movie. This particular clip makes me want to stand out in front of my garden and do sun salutations to see if it grows faster. Grey Kitty/Clooney will have to play the part of Totoro. He has the soft belly for it.

Sarah (French Toast) is in Thailand this weekend. If she does not come back we can safely assume she has joined the Sea Gypsies (Chao Le).

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