Sunday, July 25, 2010

Yoga: "The Soul Destroying Poison of the East"

Nice NYT article (click here) on the introduction of yoga in America, that brings up great questions of what the cultural and economic climate have to be like in order for yoga to catch on at all, and then how those things determine what yoga looks like. And the perpetual question, what is authentic yoga? It's not like yoga is an antique vase and we can call in "Antiques Roadshow" to tell us, no, that's fake, or yes! that's real!!!! Priceless!

Whatever our motivations may be, I think it really can't hurt to just do it. The benefits, on all levels, come to us whether we know what we're getting into or not. Yoga always benefits me in ways I never expected. Sometimes I don't even notice for years. Even if you don't KNOW you're doing it for spiritual transcendence (and i'm not entirely sure on the meaning of that myself), you'll still feel better, act nicer, and love more.


Fitness freak said...

I haven't taken to yoga, I tried but its not for me. I do however love Body Balance which is a blend of Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates. I like thats because you are pretty much constantly moving. Im a bit of a fidget so when we did 10-20 mins of breathing exercises at the beginning of the yoga class I tried, I wanted to scoop my eyeballs out with a spoon.

There are different types of Yoga though aren't there? Its veeeery popular in the UK.


FrenchToast said...


I can relate to being a bit fidgety myself, even as a teacher. Luckily, you're right, and there are many styles and types of yoga practice..something for everyone! Have you tried power yoga? It moves pretty fast, and the emphasis is more on strengthening and fitness than other styles of yoga.

Body Balance sounds fun! I also like Yogalites, when I'm in the mood for a work out!