Friday, October 2, 2009

The Two SF's

above: doing cactus-inspired mudras in santa fe

We didn't post anything for all of September. Oh, the laziness.

In September, I moved to Santa Fe, had both a wonderful and a difficult time, and moved out of Santa Fe to San Francisco. There wasn't a lot of time for yoga. Yet I was always doing yoga-on the train, at the bar, while making breakfast. I breathed and stayed aware. I forgot to be aware, and, noticing that, brought myself back to the moment. What else is that if not yoga?

So far I'm 4 days into living here and I'm inspired. I step out the door and I become giddy looking at the hills, the cable cars, the flower shops.

In this mood I sat down for coffee on my first day here, and a man asked me what I did. For a split second I panicked, not wanting to explain that I was unemployed and even angry that he would bring up that painful topic and ruin my buoyancy. Emotions move so quickly. But I decided to try out an identity on this stranger, so the words I chose were, "I teach yoga." I repeated it, tasting them and letting them expand and become truer on their own, "I'm here to become a yoga teacher."

Who knows if it will become true? Who cares? I'm in San Francisco.

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Ben said...

nice!! will be a fact before you know it!