Saturday, October 3, 2009

All You Can Eat

Dear Readers. I'm in Hong Kong, existing on the delightful warm air, ocean breeze, and of course the delicious taste of sweet internet freedom. Oh, and maybe some all you can eat dessert buffets.

Yes, my manfriend did me good and bad by taking me to this little place in the Pacific Place mall called the Cuvo Cafe, where on Sat, Sun and public holidays from 3-5pm, they do an All You Can Eat Tea and Cake Buffet. It's kind of a fancy place, this cafe, the kind of place you go with grandparents or partners from your law firm and sit for hours, muching on tiramisu and tiny crossiant sandwhiches--white table clothes, starched napkins, wait staff in tuxedos, the whole shebang. Well, we arrived at 3pm, shoveled three plates of various desserts in our faces, inhaled a coffee, and hightailed it out of there at 3:45, giggling and clutching our bellies. It also cost about as much as the yoga workshop I was supposed to attend that day.


Benjamin justified the cost and the calories by pointing out eating desserts is simply market research for me. I immediately agreed, and it was on. We didn't think of taking any before pictures, unfortunately, but the after photos illustrate the chaos of tiramisu/oatmealcheesecake/marmeladeshortbread/doublechocolatemousscake/raspberrybeignets/whippedcreamwithfruitinside/fruittartswithchocolatelinedpastryshells. And more.

Basically, we made a mess.

And, in fact, dear Reader, was a mess.

I swore to Benjamin that we would erase Cuvo Cafe from our memories, ensuring I could never again return on a wayward Saturday and stuff my piehole with treats. Except for that, oh man, I didn't even get to try the truffles!

And, yes, you heard me right: I was supposed to attend a yoga workshop this afternoon at a studio here in HK. I've not been a good yogini lately, foregoing my practice for long nights out and big cups of coffee in the mornings. In Shanghai I was cultivating a fairly regular personal practice, and documenting in a journal what I worked on, but there is something very different about playing around in my apartment alone and going to a big ole workshop at a studio. Maybe I chickened out. I don't really know. I don't feel particularly guilty, but maybe I should. In any case, the studio also offers two free weeks of yoga to new students, so I'll take advantage of that to get my yoga on while I'm here. Right now, my coffee is hot and the kitties want to play!

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